My name is John and I run the Sport Dog Network (SDN) with my wife Regina. We've been kicking around this idea for sometime now and have finally decided to pull the pin. Our focus with SDN and this news site is to bring clarity to the dog community. We want to highlight the incredible accomplishments of dog teams across different sports on one platform.


Our goal is to be a mega phone for these teams. A lot of the hard work goes unnoticed for most and with the partnerships that we have created with organizations and clubs, we hope to change that.

Don't let our relationships with clubs stop anyone from reaching out to us. Know of something amazing, hit us up. Send us an email, we enjoy showcasing the accomplishments and hard work of dedicated dog teams on and off the field.


Little About me
I've been training working dogs for about 10 years or so now. Here lately I get to pick and choose where I spend my time. I'm fortunate for that.
As of right now I do not currently have any personal dogs. Most of the dogs that I train are for clients for a wide variety of tasks. Once in a while I will board a working dog for buddies.  
We are pretty partial to Mal's, although I do like Czech Shepherds as well. 
Oh, and my beard has a little more grey in it these days.

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