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2019 UFO World Cup Series

Crazy month for Disc Dogs.

We were invited to photograph this years UFO World Cup, which put us right in the action for the weekend.

The 2019 UFO World Cup was held in Austin, TX hosted by Flying Disc Dogs of Austin. A beautiful weekend at the Jones Brother Park right off of Lake Travis. Teams from the Netherlands, Israel, and across the Untied States gather for chance at wining this years cups.

The World Cup was broken up into two rounds of distance throws and one round of freestyle each day. The points earned over the weekend were calculated at the end of the event to determine who the over all winners are. Every team put on a great show.

Saturday started with the National Anthem being played and the cheers of excited competitors. The clouds didn't stick around too long and we found the sun beating down on everyone. Teams were able to get a break from the heat thanks to the wind gust throughout the day. There were a few runs where the dogs seem to miss the disc because of the sun. Some came prepared. Did the shades help? Unsure, but he looked good. #aussies

Sunday weather forecast had us in a partly cloudy morning that lasted throughout the day. Which was nice break from the sun.

Points are earned by how many catches the dogs makes. Different zones indicate different point values. There is no out of bounds, so if the dog catches the disc it counts. #discdogs

Distance Throw

Handlers could throw at either end of the field. This years field had a slight incline. Depending on the wind handlers had little choice but to run their dog up hill.


Teams had 90 seconds to perform as many catches as possible. Each team had a routine where they would perform to music while throwing a handful of disc. The dogs would catch the disc in a 360 radius from the handler, the dogs would also use the handler as an obstacle to vault in order to grab some serious air.

Not every team participated in the freestyle event. Which gave them less room for error when it came to over all points. The event was extremely entertaining to watch. #frisbeedog #sportdog #ufo

Socks by Kirby

Kirby Mcilveen (current UFO Champion) put on a quick class to teach other competitors on how to wrap their dog’s paws. The terrain was rough and the way dogs landed after catching the disc, there was a possibility of tearing their pads.

Wrapping their paws ensure that the teams could continue to compete. The dogs well being is the number one priority for UFO and FDDA.


To every one that placed over the weekend!

2019 UFO World Cup Winners

Open Throw and Catch: 3rd Place Bryan Newby & Seymore - 2nd Place Chuck Middleton & Chica - 1st Place Kirby McIlveen & Sora.

Open Freestyle: 3rd Place Chuck Middleton & Chica - 2nd Place Jeff Hill & Key - 1st Place Kirby McIlveen & Sora.

Open Combined: 3rd Place Deirani Collazo & Sky - 2nd Place Christopher Padilla & Poison Ivy - 1st Place Kirby McIlveen & Sora.

Flying Disc Dogs of Austin

The Flying Disc Dogs of Austin put on a great event. With the help of volunteers everything ran smoothly. We look forward to seeing everyone again.

Click on the logo and follow the link if you are interested in UFO. At their home page you will find worldwide events, clubs, and rules.


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