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2019 UpDog/Toss & Fetch Championship

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch is partnering with UpDog.

We were asked to photograph an event hosted by the Houston Canine Disc Club. (Which really worked out for us. We call Houston home!) With 22 other cities world wide, they had the opportunity to host a world wide event for UpDog and K9 Toss & Fetch. We always enjoy spending time with this club, they were extremely welcoming and eager to explain the disc dog games to us.

Diesel the mascot for the Houston Dynamo, he came out to break in field right before the games began. He threw out the first disc of the weekend. Diesel unfortunately wasn't able to complete a throw his pep-talk fell on deaf ears. The way the dog looked at him had me cracking up. Reminded me of the Nintendo Game Duck Hunt, when you missed the duck the dog would laugh at you. In his defense the wind was pretty strong that morning causing the disc to fly short. He was a good sport about it.

K9 Toss & Fetch and UpDog partnered up to combine their 2019 Championships. An interesting concept, this allows dog teams from around the world the ability to participate in the event. With a total of around 1500 competitors. Scores were taken in by regions to determine who the regional place holders are, and over all winners. Everyone was itching to know the world wide standings.

UpDog Triple Crown

Three games were played and points earned will count towards regional and worldwide placements for both clubs and individuals. The 3 games being played are Throw N Go, Four Way Play and Greedy – a brand new UpDog game! (#discdogs #updog #frisbeedog #sportdog)

21 Locations, 3 Games, 4 Divisions!

With the Throw N Go and 4 way Play games, teams have 60 seconds to get as many catches as possible within a designated area. The third game "Greedy" gives teams 75 seconds. If and where the dog catches the disc, the points could range from 1 to 6 points per catch, depending on which game is played of course.

Toss & Fetch

All registered teams will play be on a lined field with three (3) sixty-second rounds. Each team gains points by how many catches they are able to complete. There are different zones to indicate different point value. The longer the throw with a catch, the higher the points. Short catches only gain 1 point, but the longer catches are 5 points. Most of the teams shoot for the long distance throws. 3-4 catches within the boundary of the field can put a team at the top of the leaders board.

But those throws can come with a price. If the handler relies too much on those higher point throws and if their dog did not bring its A game to the field, they might just end up wasting their 60 seconds.

There are a lot of factors going into these long distance throws, but the two most important aspects is the wind and the position of the sun. If the wind is blowing hard that day, forcing the team to only throw from one end of the field, the suns position can have a huge impact on the dogs ability to see the disc. This is way a lot of disc have designs on the bottom. (#tossandfetch )


At the end of the weekend everyone had a great time and the Houston Canine Disc Club did a great job in hosting the event. If you wish to review the results from that weekend you can follow the links below to the organization website.

If you are interested in learning more about these two organizations. Click on their logo to be sent to their home pages.

There you will find dates, clubs, and rules regarding the games. They are a lot of fun to watch. You will find yourself rooting for teams you don't even know.


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