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How old is your dog?

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Scientist have created a formula that best pinpoints a dogs age compared to humans.

For as long as I can remember we have gone by the notion that for one calendar year that passes, it equals seven years for a dog. So as I come across new dogs in my travels the questions I always ask people about their dogs are:

  1. What is your dogs name?

  2. How old are they?

Owners are happy to give me the answers, with an immediate follow up with how old their dog is in "Human Years".

I always found this interesting because I never bought into the idea that dogs are seven years old right out of the box. Since they mature at around 10 - 12 months of age, where people mature around 10-14 years of age. The math had to be wrong and I'm not the guy to figure it out honestly. Its way outside my lane. (#dogs #dogsage #mansbestfriend )

Plus, dogs are the only animals we do this type of age explanation to. Why? We don't imply this mind set to cats or horses. (as far as I know) Why dogs?

My wife and I had this conversation a few weeks ago. Trying to figure out exactly who told us and why it mattered. As like most people, I can say my dad was the person to explain to me how dogs aged. I was about 7 years old and we just got a black lab puppy. So you understand why my dad and I had that conversation at the time. I remember asking my dad who told him, his response was that his father explained it to him when they got their first puppy.

So the origin of where the 7 to 1 rule came about is a mystery. To be honest I'm just not that interested in finding out. Now there are tons of search results if you use google. But nothing really backed by science. Until I came across this article (Link Below).

Its an interesting read and about half way down in the article there is a calculator where you can plug in how old your dog is. The calculator will give you an age that is true to that whatever number you imputed.

Every number has a different value.

For example:

1 Year = 31 years

2 Years = 42.1 years

3 Years = 48.6 years

And so on................

Now, do I agree with it? Well, I think its all in fun. Because at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Knowing this information doesn't change anything between you and your dog. It's nothing more than a conversation piece.

Science Mag


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