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The US Mondioring Team

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Members from the United States Mondioring Association (USMRA) traveled to Poland to compete in the 2019 Mondioring World Championship and Grand Prix .

Dog teams from across the country met up in Nedza, Poland to represent the United States in the 2019 FCI Mondioring World Championship and Grand Prix. Lead by Team Captain Jake Scott, team members showed up ready to work.

The competition was massive with teams hailing from 26 countries, 94 dogs competing across all levels, and 30 decoys entered into the International Decoy Selection.

Team USA is well organized.

Team USA fielded by the United States Mondioring Association placed 3rd overall in the Championship rankings with individual placements of;

Gene Baillif & Crank - 10th / Q-334.5

Patti Phillips & Winston - 12th / Q-329.66

Marie Skello & Fuel - 19th / Q-315.5

Paul Anthony & Finn - 48th / NQ-255.66

Level 3 alternate Todd Dunlap & Boston

Level 3 scores are the only scores which are factored overall for Championship placement. The Grand Prix consists of levels 1 and 2 competition. Team USA level 1 and 2 dogs placed accordingly;

Lianne Shinton & Flirty (level 2) - 12th / NQ-214

Brad Hardin & Lanzo (level 1) - 12th / Q-165

Meet the Team USA


Male Belgian Malinois

Handler - Gene Baillif


Male, Belgian Malinois

Handler – Patti Phillips


Male, Belgian Malinois

Handler – Marie Skello


Male, Belgian Malinois

Handler – Paul Anthony


Female, Belgian Malinois

Handler – Lianne Shinton


Male, German Shepherd

Handler – Brad Hardin

Decoy Selection

David Broderick

David Broderick and Francois Massart represented the United States in the International Decoy Selection. David passed with a TB (very good) rating earning him the official title of International level 3 decoy, joining the ranks of only 6 United States level 3 decoys. Francois showed a strong showing day 1 ending with a mid-selection initial placement of 7th but was forced to pull from the selection day 2 due to an injury.

For the first time ever, a United States decoy took the field to decoy the Grand Prix.  Francois Massart earned a 3rd place finish at the 2018 International Decoy Selection in Moscow, Russia securing his spot on the field for 2019. Over the course of the first 2 days of competition in Poland, Francois took the field to face off with 22 level 1 competitors and 18 level 2 competitors.

Francois Massart

Team USA fielded a full roster for 2019 across all levels of competition. Dog and Handler teams hailed from all across the United States, east coast to west coast, and some from in-between.  This team had an incredibly energetic demeanor and truly exemplified the meaning of “team”. 

You could find the stands full of Team USA competitors, family, friends, and supporters as each one of the team walked onto the field to compete underneath the United States flag. Teammates ran to the gates to greet their fellow team members with reward toys, high fives, and hugs as each dog came off the field throughout the entire week-long competition.

Despite freezing rain, high winds, and frigid temperatures this team stuck together. Congratulations to Team USA Mondioring! #mondioring #decoy #teamusa #k9trainer #sportdog #workingdog

Team Captain Jake Scott

Written by Jake Scott - 2019 Team USA Mondioring Team Captain 

Images provided by the United States Mondioring Association (USMRA) and Brian Aghajani.

To learn more about Mondioring or USMRA click on the logo. You will be sent to their website. There you will be able to find information regarding the sport, clubs, and events.


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