• J. Pope

What's been going on.

Something short and sweet to answer a bunch of emails about our status.

Like many small businesses we've been hit hard due to COVID-19. Our plans to roll out the site for sport/working dogs has more or less been shelved. We are really not sure when we will pull it off of the shelf, if at all. It's unfortunate considering how much work, time, and money has been invested. There's just not much we can do about it for now.

We are unclear as to what we plan to do moving forward. Perhaps just reporting on dog sports that do not get the attention they deserve or highlight any accomplishments throughout the dog world.(or both) We do enjoy meeting people and their dogs at sporting competitions. Its something we miss.

The next major event we are planning to attend is the PSA Nationals this fall. Hopefully we will see some of you all there. If nothing changes of course.

So for now we will see how things play out in the coming months.

As always we appreciate everyone's support and encouraging emails.

Stay safe.


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